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Yoghurt-cucumber cold dish

7,00 €

with Mediterranean marinated tomato cubes

Swiss Riesling soup

7,90 €

with croutons

All our soups are also available in the size of a cappuccino cup for minus €1.

my salad / my appetizer

Avocado and tomato salad

9,70 €

with 6 tiger prawns

+ 7,60 €

with avocado, tomatoe and mango dressing


10,90 €

with mango, leaf salad with mango dressing

Reichenauer leaf salad with tiger shrimps

12,90 €

on garlic cream with mild balsamic dressing

Reichenau salad plate


7,90 €


12,90 €

with three raw vegetable salads and herb croutons (you choose your dressing from 5 salad sauces)

my salad / my appetizer

Large mixed Reichenau salad plate

18,60 €

with roasted fillet of whitefish

Large mixed Reichenau salad plate

18,30 €

with strips of turkey breast marinated in sweet chili sauce

Large mixed Reichenau salad plate

18,30 €

with homemade turkey nuggets with sweet chili sauce

Large mixed Reichenau salad plate

18,30 €

with pike-perch crisp and homemade remoulade sauce

my vegetarian / vegan dish

Japanese vegetable-rice pan

15,90 €

with Japanese aubergine, celery, peppers, broccoli and homemade wasabi (half portion 13,90 €)

Wild vegetable pan

15,90 €

in tomato sauce with triplets (half portion 13,90 €)


19,70 €

An all vegan burger patty with a balsamic onion sauce on a classic bun with sauce remoulade, crisp lettuce and tomatoes, served with sweet potato fries (vegan also available).

Homemade cheese spaetzle

15,90 €

with Swiss mountain cheese and fried onions (half portion 13,90 €)

Courgette and leek penne

15,40 €

with cream sauce and parmesan

Vegetable curry

16,60 €

Vegetable curry with coconut curry sauce and Reichenauer vegetables on basmati rice (vegan, half portion 14,60 €)


Fried pike-perch fillet

24,90 €

on Mediterranean risotto and white wine sauce

Fried whitefish

24,90 €

with Mediterranean vegetables, wedges and bacon jam

Italian seafood pan

21,70 €

with penne, cherry tomatoes, pesto, chilli and parmesan

my dessert

Avocado chocolate mousse

7,70 €

with wild berries

White lime and chocolate mousse

7,70 €

with chocolate and toffee sauce and berries

Rosemary crème brulee

7,90 €

with fresh strawberries and coconut-vanilla sauce

My Meat

Fillet of beef

29,90 €

in devil’s sauce with bacon beans and sweet potato wedges

Medallions of Baden country pork

22,90 €

in mushroom sauce with colorful island vegetables and homemade spaetzle (half portion 20,90 €)

Cordon Bleu filled

23,90 €

with ham from the Baden country pork and mountain cheese with a pepper sherry cream sauce served with colorful vegetables and croquettes

Beef rump steak

25,90 €

with kohlrabi and wild herbs, rosemary rings and sherry-pepper sauce

Devil’s burger

19,90 €

with bacon strips, cheddar cheese, red onion, gherkin, salad, tomato, devil’s sauce served with French fries or small mixed salad

Roasted chicken breast

21,50 €

with white sesame, paprika-leek vegetables, pineapple and homemade sweet and sour sauce with basmati rice


22,50 €

with BBQ sauce and sweet potato wedges

We continuously try to keep the menu on our homepage up to date. However, it may happen that we are not quite as fast with the changes as our kitchen changes the dishes. We apologize if the dishes differ from the current menu in the restaurant on our homepage. Thank you very much.

All dishes can also be prepared in portions suitable for children.

Some of our dishes can also be ordered as half portions: – €2,00
For each additional empty plate we provide, a cover charge of €2,50 will be added.

If you prefer to enjoy your meal at home, you are welcome to order it from us and take it with you.
Since we try to be sustainable wherever possible, we will charge €2.50 for plastic “to-go” boxes. This amount will be donated in full to a sustainable project at the end of the year. You are also welcome to bring your own container to save this contribution.

Please note that we accept credit card payments only from an amount of €50,00.

All prices in Euro incl. VAT. & service | You can get a list of all additives & allergens in the bar area.