The Deggelmann’s and Staiger’s are a family with passion. Her desire is to be a host from the bottom of my heart and to run a hotel with mein inselglück where guests enjoy spending their holidays and vacations and feel comfortable. Her philosophy is one of sincere cordiality.

Each of the family members brings their individuality and personality to the daily work in the hotel.

  • Nadine Staiger (1981) is the hostess and all-rounder in all areas of the hotel. She sings in the Badenia Reichenau women’s choir. And when she has time, she likes to read, although lately the books have been left unread.

  • Patric Staiger (1980) is the man for everything in the background. When he’s not in the hotel, my happy island, he’s interested in football.
  • Matteo (2009), Lina (2016) and Marie-Sophie (2020) are the youngest hoteliers at mein inselglück and for the parents Nadine & Patric the greatest happiness ever.

  • The dad, Karl “Charly” Deggelmann (1955), is the head of the family and the one who drives everyone. He takes guests sailing, is caretaker and responsible for everything and everyone.
  • The mother, Sylvia Deggelmann née Ruf (1956), has the creative streak. She is the flower fairy, gardener, baker and cook and is responsible for breakfast and the garden.
  • Grandma, Martha Ruf (1933), is the heart and soul of the family. Not only is she a great cake baker, she also cooks the jams for the breakfast buffet and – now as a great-grandmother – lovingly takes care of Matteo, Lina and little Marie-Sophie.
  • Unfortunately, Grandpa Ruf, the vegetable farmer, is no longer with us. The family owes him the property on which mein inselglück stands. It would certainly make him happy to see what came out of it.