Team Canoeing at ‘mein inselglück’

Either as an event highlight or to complete your conference programme

a guided canoe tour brings your team together, creates unforgettable memories and is simply great fun!

With all our tours, your group is welcomed by a trained canoe guide at the marina following a short walk. Prepare the boats, distribute the life vests and learn about paddling technique before setting out on the water together. Our boats for up to twelve people are difficult to capsize and offer an excellent, inclusive activity – also for cautious or physically handicapped people.

This is included in our “Island happiness in team canoe”:

Tour I:
Take a deep breath
Relax and breathe in the fresh air, before breaking a sweat. A refreshing tour in team canoes on Gnadensee. Duration: from/to the hotel approx. 2:20 hrs (can be shortened on request, minimum duration: 1:30 hrs) Price: on request

Tour II:
Achieve your goal
Canoe all the way around the island and enjoy the feeling of having achieved a goal as a team. This experience is unforgettable. Duration from/to the hotel approx. 3:50 hrs. Price: on request

Minimum number of participants for all tours is 15; prices for smaller groups are raised accordingly. Start times are determined by agreement.