Hotel’s own e-bike/e-scooter/bicycle rental service

Explore the island with our city e-bikes, e-scooters or the traditional way with our Holland bikes

You decide for yourself how much the electric motor (e-bike) should support you when pedaling. Or would you like to “pedal” completely without assistance and take our Holland bikes?
Explore the island on our city e-bikes/Holland bikes with or without electric assistance. With our City-E-Bikes the way to our local mountain “Hochwart” becomes a piece of cake. We will certainly find the right bike for you.
You want to explore the island standing up? Use our e-scooters.just talk to us about it.

This is included in our “Hotel’s own e-bike/e-scooter/bicycle rental service”:

Are you still traveling with us? Reserve your e-bike/bicycle/e-scooter in advance by phone or email so that you have one safely during your stay.

You are already a guest with us? Stop by the reception and ask us for your e-bike/bicycle.

Daily price per e-bike: €19.-

Daily price per bike: €12.-

Daily price per e-scooter: €12.-