CityHunters Crime Thriller Geocaching

Get ready to catch criminals with your colleagues in CityHunters’ Crime Thriller Geocaching!

In teams, participants scour Constance and help the police solve various crimes. Checking alibis, recreating the course of events, examining evidence and combing crime scenes are just some of the many tasks that participants can take on as crime detectives. CityHunters’ Crime Thriller Geocaching combines a unique team-building experience with an exciting background story.

This is included in our “CityHunters mystery geocaching”:

Key details:

  • Duration: From 2 hours
  • Language: German
  • Game format: Competition
  • Participants: 10-500
  • Price per person: From €31.99 plus VAT

Service package:

  • Welcome and introduction by experienced CityHunters team guides
  • Extensive explanation of technology used
  • Support hotline during the event
  • Puzzle stations and team tasks at attractive locations in the city
  • Evaluation and winners’ presentation by experienced CityHunters team guides
  • Protected online picture gallery


  • GPS device
  • Road book
  • City map
  • Clipboard
  • Writing materials
  • UV lamp
  • Rain ponchos
  • Torches

All necessary equipment is provided by CityHunters. Rain ponchos are only provided in the event of rain, and torches only when dark. Equipment may be adjusted in the event of material shortages.